How To Get Organized - Tips To Be Productive And Creative

Working from home maybe a dream for many people, but how to get organized? It can be a disaster if you don’t know how to be organized.

Daily household chores can be really distracting. Just imagine, you may feel compelled to clean the cat box before talking to your client on the phone, or going to get a piece of pizza from the fridge while answering an email...


But just as you wouldn’t mix the cat box chore with the pizza stop, nor should you mix them with business. So here are some tips on getting organized:

1- Have a separate work space

When you juggle multiple deadlines and the demand of other aspects of your business, the last thing you want is to blur the lines between your home and work lives.

Wonder how to get organized?

It’s extremely important to keep your mind clear of any non-work related reminders in your work space. That’s a vital key of being productive and creative

2- Get rid of things before you start organizing

Stressed about how to get organized? Learn to be ruthless first!

We all tend to collect things over time - business cards, story clippings, forms, lists etc. - without even trying. If you haven’t used them in the past year, chances are you'll never use them. Get rid of these items, recycle or shred them. Set up a home filing system that ONLY keeps documents with reoccurring value and are not easily accessible from the internet.

3- Separate your tasks like your laundry

Sort your tasks into 2 categories:

Urgent – such as translation jobs on deadlines, sending out an invoice, job proposals.

Important – marketing tasks such as following up with client, sending out a thank you card, ordering supplies.

Set aside things that don’t qualify for either category for your To-Do list. And make time at the end of the day or the week to do them

4- Keep ONLY one calendar

Maintain just one big calendar and put it in a visible area in your work space. Make both business notes and family events on the same calendar – try using a different color for business and one for family. Don’t risk losing track of your tasks and dates by having too many planners.

You can also use ONE household notebook for the same purpose.

5- Make tomorrow’s to-do list a day earlier

If you don’t know where you are going, you are not going to get anywhere. If you make a to-do list in advance, you will have a better idea on how to organize your day. Remember to check off what you’ve done, and highlight those that are urgent.

6- Put it in storage

How to get organized? Don’t let things pile up on your desk. Destroy or sort them out into well-labelled plastic storage boxes. Make sure the ones you need at your fingertips most often are easily accessible, but not in the way.

7- Group similar tasks and errands

Doing errands and chores can be time consuming if they are scattered throughout the day. So group similar tasks and map out the most efficient route.

Here are some time management tips:

- set aside some time for telephoning your clients, and do them one after another.

- Focus your energy on related tasks to maximize your valuable time.

- If you go out to buy a stamp, bundle it with other outside chores -- take out the garbage and buy some office supplies. Save trips, save gas and save your time.


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