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In need of more translation jobs or interpreter jobs? This website offers practical tips and secrets for translators and interpreters to attract more quality jobs and high paying clients and maximize your income potential.

Whether you are a beginner or a long-time pro, a Hebrew English translator or an English to Chinese translator, you are always hunting for the next project or doing everything you can to attract more clients.

But there are a few hard realities you are facing:

  • You often have to work on translation jobs with tight deadlines.

  • The translation business is not always stable for freelancers. You may have to work long hours and sacrifice your personal life sometimes; other times you may have little or no work and your income, well, let's just say disappointing.

  • To compete for translator jobs, you often have to undersell your service and work for peanuts.

  • You always worry about not having enough quality jobs as a freelancer.

  • There seems to be a very low expection as to how much a translator can make regardless how busy you are.

But you are told this is the nature of the business. Is it really?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Sure, most people have entered the business because they love translating and languages. They are not in it for the money. But the truth is, if your translation jobs don't generate enough profit for you, it is just a hobby. If money is not an issue for you, great - you are one of the lucky few.

However if this is your business, your way of living, you need to make it profitable. You need to find a long-term sustainable solution to these problems I mentioned above.

Just because others are struggling doesn’t mean you have to be too.

How did I know? Well, I have been there. Translation was my business and my way of living. I simply had to make it work. I tried things and some worked, some didn’t.

So I’m going to share my own experience with you on this website. Going through this website, you will learn:

1. How to change your mindset from just surviving to thriving and make your freelance business extremely profitable

2. How to avoid common mistakes many translators make and end the fest and famine syndrome you're currently experiencing (Yes, it's time to get quality translation jobs consistently and constituously)

3. How to position your freelance business for success and where to find your ideal potential clients in simple steps

4. How to use low-cost marketing tools such as social media sites to build credibility and reach your ideal clients in large numbers and inexpensively

5. How to create your very own translation related products and services in addition to what you already offer and make more money

6. How to set rates that sell

7. How to sell from home without feeling uncomfortable (I know many translators hate selling!)

You will also have a good understanding of how to find extra income ideas as a translator, and how to find real online jobs, freelance jobs from home that require your language skills.

As a translator, you will have to be in tune with any language updates out there and never stop learning. This is an on-going process. But most importantly, you have to marry your skills with a business sense.

So there, you owe yourself a chance to make it happen now.


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Hi, this is Joy Mo from beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I have been a Chinese to English translator and certified court interpreter in Canada for over 7 years.
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